Friday, September 26, 2008

Member Appreciation at StrollerFit

Congratulations to all current members who have been with

StrollerFit Plano or StrollerFit Frisco

for more than a year and some more than 2 years.

StrollerFit Saturday Moms

For all of you who have ever been a part of StrollerFit, just joined StrollerFit, or have been around since the beginning, thank you so much for choosing this program for you and your child!!!!

2 Years +

Charisma C.
Caroline B.
Bethany B.
Kim B.
Tyne B.
Rachel D.
Daphne B.
Michele R.
Kristi O.

1 Year +

Chelle B.
Priti B.
Monica M.
Chris F.
Jennifer H.
Becca K.
Lindsay K.
Sharon L.
Kari R.
Randie S.
Danielle W.
Jane A.
Jennifer G.
Pamela S.
Joana S.
Wendy C.
Lynn E.
Erin S.

There are MANY more of you who will be celebrating your 1 year anniversary in Oct. and Nov.!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hoops in the Square

I'm always looking for fun things to do with the Family. Head on over to the Frisco Square after StrollerFit and enjoy some Family Fun!!
Attention Frisco families and kids!!
Come check out all the fun this Saturday, September 20th at Hoops in the Square charity basketball event. The event is open to all with free admission. The Kids-Area opens at 10am with a giant 18-foot slide, Bounce House, Mini Hoop Shot and Soccer-shot games. Also, officers from the City of Frisco Police will be on hand with safety information.

Kids will also be able to receive mini-basketballs and have fun on mini-hoops. Rumor has it that a few mascots from local professional sports teams will make appearances, so they may want to bring something for autographs!
Speaking of autographs, Derek Harper, former Dallas Maverick star, will make an appearance at 3pm to be the celebrity judge for the Slam-Dunk contest.

The Kid’s Area of is sponsored by Primrose Schools of Frisco and we hope you can spread the word about this free kids play area this Saturday!

Stick around after the Slam Dunk contest to cheer for the teams in the Men’s Finals. After the final games, we will hold a raffle for great prizes, including the Official Spalding Goals used in the tournament!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

StrollerFit's cute shirts...

StrollerDiva in Hot Pink Crystals!!!
My mom's got muscle!!

Step Update...

Here are the steps I've taken...
Sat. 12,000
Sun. 8,000 (not so good)
Mon. 15,000
Tues. 17,800

Goal today is 18,000.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm excited...

StrollerFit's National Convention is in early October and I couldn't be more excited!!
It will be a nice getaway, but more than that I look forward to learning, growing and bringing back the best information and classes for you!


One of the greatest and cheapest ways to monitor how much you are moving throughout the day is with a pedometer.

Here are the rules:
You must wear it!
Get a decent one...I like my walk4life pedometer
Set a step goal

Now your saying, "I take plenty of steps each day. I exercise at StrollerFit and chase my child around all day long." This may be true. Yes, you get lots of steps at StrollerFit and that is GREAT; you definitely want to accumulate steps that allow your heart to get pumping and your muscles to get stronger. We all know that planned exercise will get you lots of steps. The questions you need to ask yourself is: What are you doing the rest of the day? You will be shocked at how few steps you actually get. A pedometer is a perfect reminder that you need to move throughout your entire day! I'll tell you, I just put mine back on and here are my results for the last 3 days.

Day 1 Goal: at least 15,000 steps - 17,442
Day 2 Goal: at least 18,000 steps- 22,000 (this is a lot of steps, my feet were sore)
Day 3 Goal: 18,000 steps-- So's 4:45 pm and I've taken less than 5,000.
Why so low today? 1. I didn't teach StrollerFit this morning. 2. I've sat and done a lot of computer work.

Luckily I'm going to attend a StrollerFit class tonight...I'll let you know tomorrow how many steps I get by the end of the day!

I highly recommend a pedometer. You will be finding ways to get more exercise and move more! Run around with your kids, run up and down your stairs, take a family walk after dinner! Get movin!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Food choices for Kids...

With a child that just entered Kindergarten, I've been making lunches for the past 2 weeks. It's tough to find a balance of things to pack that are healthy AND something that your child will eat. Forget the cafeteria, the food choices are endless with most of them not being as healthy as I would like. I'll save the rant on the cafeteria food for another post.

Anyway I found a great book recently called, Eat this, not that for kids by David Zinczenko. This book is really teriffic. It breaks down typical chain restaurants and tells you what you should and should not feed your kids. It also goes through tons of items at your grocery store (with pictures) of what is good and what you should skip out on...most importantly it tells you why. :) It also breaks down food by type and what are the best picks by type of food (Italian etc) and how to make the best choices at restaurants.

It is a great guide and you feel like they are really telling you the truth because many products made by the same company can be found in both the eat this and don't eat this category!

Go take a peek!