Friday, July 31, 2009

Attendance Challenge

The StrollerFit Attendance Challenge begins on August 1st!!

Earn 1 point for every StrollerFit class you attend!
Earn 2 points for On-time Attendance!!

This contest runs from August 1st - August 31st!!

Earn a prize for you and your child! Make it a TEAM EFFORT!

The person who has the highest number of points earns a "green water bottle" and a kid size "green water bottle" for their child/children!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pushing Through

We all reach that point in any great workout where we want to take the easy route… I’ve done it, and I bet you’ve done it, too! Whether it be walking instead of jogging, quitting without finishing the last few tricep extensions, getting a drink of water instead of pushing through the last few seconds of cardio and the list goes on. Next time you think about quitting early, consider these tidbits:

· Those last few repetitions count the most, as the muscles have already been fatigued at that point.

· Those last few meters of a jog or last few seconds of a cardio blast increase lung capacity and result in greater cardiovascular benefit than the first moments, as the heart muscle has to work harder with extended cardio activity.

The sense of accomplishment and strength, both physical and emotional, that you’ll feel if you do your best and finish is unbelievably empowering. You must push yourself beyond the comfort zone to increase strength and reap the other physiological benefits of exercise. Next time you feel that urge to stop, think “I CAN DO ANYTHING for 4 more repetitions,” “I CAN DO ANYTHING for 10 more seconds,” and “I will FINISH!” You ARE a POWERMOM! With that said, don’t sacrifice form to finish! On any day, I’d rather see a mom do five perfect repetitions than ten sloppy repetitions. Don’t think you can eek out four more perfect repetitions? Do two perfect slow ones! That’s okay, that’s your best, and that’s finishing it out right!

On the other hand, if you finish every set of repetitions feeling strong, it’s time to upgrade your tubing or add a mommymuscle bar!! You should feel challenged as we finish sets. Not sure if you’re ready? Ask your StrollerFit instructor, as we carry additional tubing/band options to try out and gauge your level.
I’ll see you at StrollerFit!
Note that there are absolutely times when you should rest and times when you can push yourself too far. In this, I am aiming to address those times when we quit before we should!
Guest Blogger and StrollerFit Certified Instructor: Rachel Dossman

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

StrollerFit Tubing!!

All tubes are $12 Now through Sat, Aug. 1st!!
If you have been using the same tubing for 6 months plus, it's time to make the investment and replace your old tube. If you are no longer feeling challenged by some strength exercises, it's time to upgrade to a different level!

Beginner 12 lbs of resistance

Intermediate 19 lbs of resistance

Advanced 26 lbs of resistance

Monday, July 27, 2009

Restore the Core New session!!

The new Restore the Core session begins on Tuesday, July 28th!

Classes are offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 pm at Centennial Medical for the 6 week session!
How can Restore the Core help you?
Restore the Core alleviates the postural changes and muscular imbalances that pregnancy and childbirth bring.
It is a very specific order of exercises that re-train the 4 muscles of the abdominal wall from the inside out. Without re-training the ab muscles from the deepest to the most superficial, it is almost impossible to lose the low belly sag.
RTC also retrains other core muscles that are affected by pregnancy.
RTC is a great workout for anyone looking to strengthen their core and improve their posture.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Pictures

I wish I would have pulled out my camera at the beginning of the evening! We are missing a few in this picture!

This was my finished product after adding the grout! I was worried about it, but it ended up turning out really well!!

Thanks Becca for organizing!!

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Smashing Times

StrollerFit of Frisco, Allen and Plano had a great time this past week at our monthly Mom's Night Out event.
We went to Smashing Times and made mosaic creations!
I think the most difficult part of the night was choosing the item to work with and then the tiles to put on it! Lots of decisions

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

StrollerFit Mom of the month for Allen/Plano

Congratulations to our Strollerfit mom of the month for Allen and Plano,
Patzi Reynolds!
We love having Patzi in our StrollerFit classes At The Village at Allen and Collin Creek Mall!
To read what Patzi has to say about StrollerFit click here:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

StrollerFit Mom of the Month Frisco

Congratulations to our StrollerFit Frisco mom of the month for July
Gretchen Keeney!
It's great having Gretchen and her 2 boys in class!
To read what Gretchen has to say about StrollerFit click here:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I do what you do!

I realize something special each day about StrollerFit classes, the moms and the children that participate. Today was especially profound. One of the moms has been bringing her school aged child to class and allowing her to participate. Today was truly amazing. She would run, walk, exercise, jump rope, use the band with pure joy. It's such a great thing this "mom" is doing for her child. She is modeling healthy behavior, being patient so her child can participate and really getting in some good together time. What a great way (once the child is an appropriate age) to allow them to build confidence and have fun! When we work out as a family, model healthy behavior the benefits are incredible!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Deal of the week!

Red and Green Flat bands are on sale this week for only $5. Order yours today!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mommymuscle balls

StrollerFit Deal of the Week
mommymuscle balls on special this week!
Get your mommymuscle balls for $10 this week only! Offer expires July 11th!
Items in stock!

Burn 30% more calories by adding instability to your exercise program!!