Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running the Rock

Way to go StrollerFit Moms!
Congratulations Charisma and Becky!!

A few weeks back I did a post about goal setting. I thought I would take this chance to tell you about my personal experience. Before Reese was born my husband and I both used to frequently run races of all distances. It was a great "healthy" way for us to spend time together. After Reese was born I struggled with getting back into running. Obviously time was a major challenge...all mom's face this one! Aside from that I just found it harder to run, less energy, breastfeeding...and the list of challenges could go on all day.

In June my husband and I decided that we were going to just pick a race and pay the entry fee in order to force ourselves to train. We picked the White Rock Half Marathon here in Dallas. All summer we ran short races and then in September we started really training hard with longer distance runs. We followed a training schedule that we had used many years ago for beginning runners and we found it very easy to stay on track. I did most of my running in the early morning while Reese and my husband were still asleep and then we would do some long runs together on the weekends. Yes it was tough and there were some days I would rather just sleep. The farther I got into the training the more I enjoyed that time each morning. I loved getting up and getting a GREAT workout before everyone else was awake..what a great way to start the day! Other mornings I would come home and find my hubby and Reese cuddled in the bed watching Sesame Street and that warmed my heart too.

The best part of all is race day when we get to actually go and apply all the hard work. We went out and finished the race in a great time. After mile 6 my husband broke away from me in a faster pace and I was left to run the final 7 miles alone. The crowd was awesome at the race and one of the signs I saw said, "Pain is temporary, Pride is Forever!" I constantly reminded myself how great it would feel to say I ran this race and finished strong. What a great feeling!!

I challenge you to set a goal and work towards it. Make it something you can a 5K, walk a 10K, do a mini-triathlon. Whatever your passion, set a goal, achieve it and see how awesome it feels!

Written by Featured StrollerFit blogger: Becky Thomas

Friday, December 12, 2008

Run the ROCK?

We have 2 StrollerFit mom's that will be running the rock this Sunday! They have both been training to run the 1/2 marathon.
Please help me in wishing Becky T. and Charisma C. good luck!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yummy Food Suggestion

I love the new Flatout Flatbread! It's super yummy and only 100 calories, high in fiber AND it tastes great!

You can make a wrap, make a pizza or use it in your favorite healthy dip like hummus!

There are a bunch of different kinds. My new favorite is Multi-grain with flax.

You can buy them at the grocery store, or get a great deal at Costco!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Am I Hungry or Just Bored?

Do you ever find yourself foraging in the pantry in the afternoon or evening? You’re not really hungry, but think, “I want something to eat,” or “What sounds yummy?” You look and look, finally settling on a not-so-healthy option. Whether it is for weight loss or good health, reaching your goals is about the day-to-day decisions. One step at a time. One decision at a time. So, the next time you find yourself walking to the kitchen, ask yourself these three pivotal questions…

1. “Am I really hungry?” If not, step away from the pantry, refrigerator and snack drawer! If you aren’t sure, grab a glass of water first! Thirst is often confused as hunger (I’ll spare you the neuroscience behind this.). If the water helped or you aren’t truly hungry, find something else to do!! Organize photos, write thank-you notes, phone a friend, just get busy and distracted!

2. If you are hungry, consider the nutrition of the food. Look for healthy choices. Once you’ve chosen something to eat, ask, “What am I going to eat?” And, not the obvious answer of a candy bar, potato chips, ice cream or the like. Read the ingredient list and nutrition facts. High fructose corn syrup? Hydrogenated oils? 10 grams of fat? 300 calories? 30 grams of sugar? How will this choice affect your caloric intake for the day, impact your weight loss goals and affect your level of hunger? Most sugary, fatty foods don’t satisfy our true hunger, so we’re back in the kitchen foraging again just moments later, and our 300 calorie candy bar results in a caloric binge. Look for foods high in fiber, low on the glycemic index (which don’t spike your blood sugar) and low in fat.

3. Finally, ask yourself, “Can I make a better choice?” Go for a piece of fruit. Maybe a small bowl of healthful, fiber-filled cereal. Think of foods that are going to benefit your body, make you feel good and not sabotage your fitness goals.Take the time to make the decision for you! In this season of many temptations, say no to the leftover fudge, cookies, cheese ball and caramel corn. In so doing, you’ll feel better, boost your confidence and reach your goals sooner! And, your health is the greatest gift you can give yourself, your partner and your children this season!

Written by featured StrollerFit blogger: Rachel Dossman

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

StrollerFit Attendance Challenge Winners!!

Congratulations to all of you that participated in the November StrollerFit
Attendance Challenge!

Here are your Top 3!

1. Niki J. (Stonebriar)
2. Danielle H. (Collin Creek)
3. Erin B. (Frisco Athletic Center)

It’s great to see women from different locations in the Top 3!
Way to go Girls!

Our top Saturday Only Winner is
1. Monique C.

The secret to win these challenges is to plan the days you will work out. We are ALL busy and this IS a busy time of year, BUT YOU and only YOU determine how you are going to spend your time.

Plan StrollerFit into your schedule! Your workout should be an appointment on your calendar. Schedule doctor’s appointments and other events around your workout! Not only will you find yourself in the TOP 3 for the next contest, but you will find you look and FEEL better! Exercise will get you through this hectic time of year. YOU have to plan for it!!
I want to see your name on the top of the scoreboard for DECEMBER!

Now a word about the women who won the contest…Niki decided from the beginning that she was going to attend as many classes as she could and be on-time for each class! I would say 95% of the time she was the first person at StrollerFit each day. This wasn’t by accident. She made it happen and now she gets to reap the rewards of a healthier self, a FREE month of StrollerFit classes and bragging rights as the winner!

Monique our Sat. only winner makes it a priority to be at EVERY Sat. class. I’m sure there are some Sat. mornings when she wakes up and feels like staying in bed instead of attending StrollerFit. “What do feelings have to do with it, right?” She made a commitment and sticks with it week in and week out!

I’m sure these girls are in the HUNT for the next prize! Are you going to let them win or are you going to make it happen?? It’s up to you!